Finding More Customers Through Lead List Criteria

Many companies place importance on finding customers, but do not have the immediate resources to devote to the cause. Smaller entities utilize list brokers offering direct marketing leads in order to recruit more sales. Targeted lists are used to complement marketing tactics, yet using the same criteria to render a lead list can also give company representatives ideas on where to market their company in order to gain more exposure. Consider the following solutions:

Begin writing for other Web sites

Those seeking bulk mailing lists use certain criteria such as age, sex, religious affiliation, income bracket, etc. to define the list. A company can search for Web sites geared towards the same kind of criteria.

For instance, a baby clothing company may seek twenty to thirty-something mothers. Many cities, counties, and states have Web sites that cater to mothers. It would be a great solution for the baby clothing company to approach mother Web sites and inquire about supplying regular content. It is a win-win situation for both parties; the mother site gets quality content for their visitors and the baby clothing entity gets increased exposure.

Advertise in newspapers and magazines

Mailing list brokers work as a third party. They have contact with entities maintaining a list such as magazine and newspaper companies. It is beneficial for a business to use a list broker’s rented list in order to market to a specific population, yet a business can also search for magazines and newspapers catering to a desired population. For instance, a business selling bicycles can contact a magazine, which focuses on the sport of cycling in order to target a specific population of potential customers.

Utilize multimedia

Written content such as articles and press releases can still help get a company exposure, but are not the only platforms to utilize. Using the same criteria it chooses to select a targeted list, a company can search for multimedia platforms that cater to populations. For instance, a ticket broker selling sporting event tickets can approach a sports radio station regarding possible insight and interviews about the sporting world. The insight may come in the form of focused talk on the sporting world, yet peripherally, the ticket broker can work in plugs and mentions of their business, thus increasing exposure.


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