Nursing Apparel – Essentials For Travel

If you are brave enough to travel with an infant, you will see the joys of this new found experience far outweigh the annoyance of the extra luggage. Do not get me wrong – there will be extra luggage. You think he is just little, 4 months old and weighing in somewhere between 14 and 18 pounds. Do not be fooled. This little guy definitely needs more “stuff” than you do (or at least as much if you are a heavy packer anyway).

Here is when you are going to LOVE the fact that you are breastfeeding your baby. When you are single and have no babies you already wish for an extra arm or two at the airport, but when you are carrying stuff for 3 or more and one of you does not yet walk, 3 or 4 more arms would really come in handy. The only gear you need to breastfeed your baby, you are already wearing! You heard that right. You do not have to carry one extra thing to nurse. As long as you are prepared for “anywhere” nursing, you arms are free to hold your baby.

Your nursing clothing essentials for this are not that extensive. From the skin out, you need a nursing bra, a nursing top, and a nursing cover. Voila! You are ready to nurse anywhere. Now, you can get extra comfy and take along your nursing pillow. Really it is not as cumbersome as it sounds. I took mine and hung it over the stroller in the airport and wore it on my lap on the plane. It made an excellent barrier while in the terminal for the people that had that NEED to stroke my son’s face, and it made for a comfy resting spot for him on the airplane. Now with these three, possibly four items, you can nurse your baby while traveling, on the beach, at a café in Paris while people watching and sipping a latte (decaf of course).

Imagine the alternative of having to carry bottles, nipples, formula, and a travel bottle heater – literally everywhere you went. Seriously, the diaper bag is full enough. Not only is your life now easier because you have your 3 essential nursing clothing pieces, but we have not even mentioned how much more safe it is for your baby while traveling to have the protection of your immune system.

More than at home, more than at all of your baby’s normal daily stops, the world of travel offers more germs and more sicknesses that he has no protection from. If you are nursing, he has the protection of your immune system. I started this rant with if you are brave enough, but I should have said, if you are smart enough. This will be the easiest vacation with your child you will ever take. Happy travels nursing moms!


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