The Cleverest Baby Shower Centrepiece Ideas

Whether your baby shower is going to be a tea party at home, an outdoor picnic or barbecue or a large dinner at a restaurant, you are going to need a beautiful centrepiece to pull the whole decoration theme together. This article will explore the cleverest baby shower centrepiece ideas.

Most of the cleverest centrepieces have a dual purpose – they are not only a good looking centrepiece but they are also created from items that can be used again. One of the most popular examples of this is the nappy cake (or diaper cake). Much like you would have a large tiered cake at a wedding as a focus, a nappy cake is designed to look like a wedding cake but is created from nappies and other baby items such as clothing and toys. The benefit of using a nappy cake is that they are relatively simple to make yourself if on a budget as you can shop around for inexpensive baby items and nappies but they look extravagant. You can also tie them into any colour scheme by way of co-ordinating ribbons so it’s easy to adapt the overall look depending on whether the mum to be is expecting a boy, girl or a surprise!

Another very popular centrepiece idea is the baby bouquet. Flowers have long been used as traditional table centrepieces but a baby bouquet will last a lot longer! Instead of real flowers, the bouquet is in fact made from rolled baby clothing to resemble roses along with artificial flowers and foliage that can then be kept as a reminder long after the clothing has been removed and used. Again it is easy to tie it into the overall colour scheme with the use of co-ordinating artificial flowers and the vase or container used to hold it in. Baby bouquets are slightly trickier to make than nappy cakes but given a little practice and the right materials it is possible to make something beautiful without being an expert.

Another fabulous idea for a centrepiece is using edible items such as a cookie bouquet. Using cookie cutters in baby related shapes such as baby bodysuits, bibs and bottles, you can create cute biscuits which you can then ice and decorate in the baby shower colours you have chosen. The biscuits can be baked onto tall lollipop sticks so that they can be inserted into a vase and arranged like a bouquet. Relatively inexpensive to make and if you aren’t a whizz in the kitchen you can get ready made cookie mixes that are foolproof! Again the benefit of this centrepiece is that the contents can be eaten! Either leave them as a lovely treat for the new parents to tuck into or use them as baby shower favours for the guests when they leave. You could even use them as prizes for the baby shower games!

Another centrepiece idea is the washcloth lollipop bouquet. This time not edible but still useful. Purchase washcloths/flannels in the colours of the baby shower (it will look best with a few different shades around the main colour for contrast) and roll them into a sausage shape lengthways, then roll them up into a spiral shape. Lay each one on top of a lollipop stick and then wrap the whole thing in a cellophane bag and secure underneath the washcloth with a co-ordinating piece of ribbon. Arrange a dozen or so in a vase or other container for an eyecatching centrepiece. Flannels can be purchased very cheaply and are widely available in a range of colours and each lollipop can again be used as a baby shower favour at the end for the guests or as game prizes. You could always make a variation on this by using baby bibs instead of washcloths and giving the bouquet to mum to be as a gift at the end of the baby shower.


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