What Materials Are Best for Creating Infant Products?

As with any big life event, there are an overwhelming amount of decisions that must be made when a baby is born. Some of the common thoughts that might constantly be circling in new parents’ minds might include baby food, nurseries, nannies, babysitters, baby clothes, baby safety, and the best materials for baby accessories. Baby accessories, usually included in baby items that can be bought on wholesale, may include baby bibs, gift sets, burp cloths, towels for toddlers, or infant towels, to name a few. Many of these baby items can be handmade by friends and families. However, those friends and families might have questions about the best fabrics to use when personalizing these baby items since there are so many options to choose from, including microfiber, hemp, bamboo,100% cotton, and 100% terry cloth. The information below will discuss the latter of the options referenced in the two lists; the best materials that should be used for infant towels.

Bamboo Infant Towels

Some parents might be surprised about bamboo being used as a fabric for infant towels, or any fashion statement for that matter. It’s growing in popularity with numerous fashion designers and is great for the eco-friendly parents. It’s affordable, easy flowing, and has a gentle softness, which makes it perfect for infants. It’s often the eco-friendly choice because it’s great for the environment and does not need to be replanted when it’s cut down and used because of its enormous root network and fast growing nature.

100% Cotton Infant Towels

100% cotton is probably the most popular choice for infant towels and other baby items. It’s popularity as fabric dates back as far as 5000 BC in Mexico. It’s the common choice for many clothing options because of its soft, fluffy nature. It’s also the perfect option for towels because it’s common knowledge that it is grown naturally; that is without any synthetic chemicals.

100% Terry Cloth Infant Towels

Terry cloth might not be as surprising as bamboo but it might be a little less common than cotton. What might be surprising about Terry Cloth is there are two different types – Towell Terry and French Terry. Both fabrics use 100% cotton but Towell Terry also contains polyester and can easily absorb large quantities of water. French Terry is typically a combination of cotton, polyester, and elastaine (lycra) and is often used in clothing.

As with all important decisions, the parents deciding between these materials for their infant towels should consider their own additional factors: their price range, their child’s personality, and their own conscience. Parents should always consult their first instinct when making important decisions. If parents are deciding between the three popular fabrics previously listed, hopefully the information above combined with their parental instinct will help them make the best decision.


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